Smart Blood Sugar

Imagine… No restrictive diet. No crazy exercise program.

How a 59-year-old Diabetic Man Slashed 80 points from his Fasting Blood Sugar — literally overnight!

Three days later, he stopped
taking insulin for good!

Drugs and Insulin failed to budge his dangerously high numbers. But then…

Hi, my name is Doctor Marlene Merritt. And while it may seem incredible, I’ve developed a 100% natural “Diabetes Reversal Recipe.”

The key is to say “no” to restrictive diets. They’re impossible for most people to stick with.

Instead… my revolutionary “Diabetes Reversal Recipe” enables you to enjoy the food you and your body crave… food that flips your blood sugar “switch” back ON… so your body quickly and efficiently burns up all the sugar in your blood stream… like striking a match to gasoline!

Just ask 59-year-old John Hiatt…

John’s a Type II Diabetic whose blood sugar had been rising for years… so his doctor put him on 3 different blood sugar meds and 2 kinds of insulin.

But even with all that churning in his body, his fasting glucose soared to dangerously high levels — bouncing between 200 and 275.

That’s organ-failure territory!

All that roaming sugar thickened his blood and slowed his circulation. As a result, his vision got blurrier each day. His organs, hands, and feet were slowly starving to death, robbed of the nutrients they needed.

No wonder he lived in fear of the day — a day he prayed would never come — when his doctor would put a hand on his shoulder and break the bad news…

“Sorry, John… you’re going to lose that foot.”

Then, one Sunday night, alone at his computer, John stumbled upon my “Diabetes Reversal Recipe.” He learned he could still eat delicious foods that automatically turned his blood sugar “switch” back ON.

He had nothing to lose. So he put it to work that very night.

The next morning, John checked his blood sugar and was shocked — his blood sugar had dropped 80 points!

He wondered if it was a fluke — would his blood sugar bounce back up again? To test this, he continued the plan that day and the next morning…

His blood sugar dropped again — 40 more points!

He was astonished: a drop of 120 points in just 2 days? He had never seen anything like it before.

But the amazing part was when he decided to stop taking insulin that very night. Understandably, his wife was worried — what if John’s blood sugar shot up during the night? What if he slipped into a diabetic coma?

Well, when he woke on the third day of following the Diabetes Reversal Recipe, both he and his wife were shocked to see that his numbers had stayed at their all-new low!

As a result,

John hasn’t taken a drop of insulin since!

This means he pockets an extra $400 a month — that’s how much he used to pay for insulin out of his own money. That’s $5 grand a year for him to keep; as he calls it, “it’s a vacation in Hawaii.”

Plus, as an added “bonus”, John lost 25 pounds — without trying. He says his gut is “almost gone.” His friends do a double-take when they see him for the first time.

John says, “This was an epiphany. I thank God for Dr. Marlene.”

I am truly humbled to hear from people like John… people who were desperate for a way to lower their high blood sugar… who hated taking a fistful of pills and injecting insulin every day…

…but who felt they had no other choice:

Eat brown rice, tofu and carrots for the rest of my life? No thank you! I’d rather — I’d rather be sick

So their eyes light up like a Christmas tree when they discover they can feast on delicious food… and…